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… well, mainly the chest cold that has been having its way with me for the past few days.  And then there’re my eyes of course.  After nearly four decades of faithful service they have decided that all that “focusing” stuff is getting a bit old hat.  Whilst I respect the reasons for their decision I can’t really agree with it – especially as the focusing stuff really worked very well for (a) reading and (b) writing, which are the two things I spend most of my days doing (you’ll understand that “reading” in this regard also refers to reading the descriptions of various TV shows as they appear onscreen as I flick between channels and reading the, frankly excessively small, type on the PSP iteration of Final Fantasy Tactics).

When I went to see him last week my optician seemed quite reluctant to give me a prescription for glasses.  Normally I like this kind of attitude – I’d much rather see a doctor who was reluctant to prescribe me something rather than one of those sorts who hands out antibiotics like Jay Leno hands out muffins to writers (especially as I don’t want my doctor to sneak off and do my job behind my back).  Unfortunately, in this case I wanted those glasses and no amount of telling me “Of course if you were a road digger you could definitely survive without spectacles” could convince me otherwise, mainly because I’m not a road digger.

I got the prescription in the end and went to pick it up today.  This, of course, ate into my writing time (though not as much as the time I had to spend on facebook, scouring assorted news websites, popping out for a quick walk and a coffee to get some “thinking time” &c &c) and when I finally got back and tried to work with my new specs on I found myself in a scary new word where the words on the page and screen finally appeared a nice, solid black but the screen they appeared on appeared wider at the top than the bottom and any attempt to turn my head resulted in a powerful desire to vomit.

So those are my excuses for today.  Still, I did get a fair bit of research done.  And I came up with some pretty promising ideas for sketches.  In fact, I even  managed to get a bit of work done on the novel.  It’s just I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked.  And that irks me.  Which is why I blame the cold … and my eyes … and definitely not me, myself or I.


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