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Go to any Q&A with writers or watch/read any interview with a writer and the question “Where do you get your ideas from?” will come up.  This is strange as it is a very, very bad question.  Ideas come to all of us all the time, even if the idea is only “I think I’ll sit down and watch the telly.”  Ideas with the potential to be stories also come to us pretty regularly, even if the idea is only something like “I wonder what my neighbours are doing that means they have to make such a DREADFUL FRICKING ROW???” – right there is an idea for a story, all the writer has to do is run with it.  Save in the case of the profoundly mentally ill, each and every human being is a walking ideas factory – all that is necessary is to spot the ideas as they come along and write them down.

In fact most writers I know have no problem coming up with great ideas.  It’s much more of a problem to try to stop coming up with great ideas.  The moment one sits down to engage seriously with one’s current idea another even better idea for something completely different comes along.  This is, as you many have guessed exactly what’s happened to me.  Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night I came up with what is (IMHO) a really rather marvellous idea … which has led to me spending today playing around with it rather than knuckling down to the things I’m supposed to be working on.  Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.


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