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Let’s start with two quotes …

Party Guest: “I’m writing a novel”

Peter Cook: “Oh really?  Neither am I”

Or, more pretentiously …

“… you write a book and while you write it you are ashamed for every one must think you are a silly or a crazy one and yet you write it and you are ashamed, you know you will be laughed at or pitied by every one and you have a queer feeling and you are not very certain …”

– Gertrude Stein

There is something scary about writing, even for “professional” writers.  When it comes to putting finger to keyboard for a piece of work you really care about, the whole business of knocking out a few hundred words becomes very hard.  A quick search through interviews with writers will quickly discover thousands of methods of procrastination – from Roald Dahl’s obsessive ritual of sharpening and arranging his pencils to Martin Amis and Julian Barnes’s habit of getting in a few frames of snooker as they made mental notes about the surrounding “proles”, via assorted “sudden urges to tidy the room” to that “very real need to phone my parents for the first time in six years”.

There is something awfully hard about committing one’s brilliant ideas to the page or screen.  The cause will be different for different writers.  In my own case, I put it down to the fear that the golden ideas that glow so brightly in the vaults of my brain will – by some eldritch alchemical process – be transformed into base lead as they try to purchase a place on the page.

This blog is an attempt to blackmail myself into being more productive. My hope is that by advertising my writing plans on “teh intertube” I can shame myself into actually following them through to the end, rather than wandering off the path before I’m halfway along and finding myself back in the dreadful grind of knocking out the odd comic line and buffing up the odd TV script.  I’ll also try to pass on the experiences of sifting through the rubbish bins at the bottom end of British TV and radio writing (and try not to get too depressed as I do so).


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