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And so I press on, in spite of the fact that my new glasses have left the world looking like it was put together by the set designer on Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. Today’s slowish progress can instead be put down to my continuing cold, which is failing utterly to do the decent thing and go away and has instead decided to take up residence in my throat, where it is busy doing a bit of open-cast mining for phlegm.

My lack of progress can also be put down to my having had to visit the BBC.  Going to the BBC is only very rarely a happy experience for a freelance writer.  This is especially true when one is working for Radio Entertainment (it used to be “Light Entertainment” but the “Light” bit got dropped, possibly due to so much of the output being heavy-handed and plodding: just try tuning in any weekday between 11.30 and 12, where you will usually discover a mirthless serial featuring a group of middle-aged, middle-class men/women who have nothing better to do with their lives than spend all day, every day bumping into members of their own families and wittering on about the uselessness of their respective partners and/or each other … unbelievably Simon Brett has been knocking out this exact programme for over 20 years under various different titles without being divorced by the nation on the ground of “mental cruelty”).  Radio Entertainment is based in a grim, concrete-and-glass building that will forever be a little corner of rainy, Soviet-era Tbilisi in London’s Langham Place.  It is usually filled with anxious-looking men and women whose life trying to make programmes on miniscule budgets under incompetent leadership is only relieved by their tendency to believe that the hours between 12.00 and 3.00 each day should be spent lounging around on the moth-eaten blue sofas at one end of the building moaning to each other about the anxiety of making programmes on miniscule budgets under incompetent leadership, rather than, say, actually making those programmes. That said, today’s meeting was really very positive, so there’s half a chance I might get to write a programme this year … although what that programme might possibly be is, as yet, anybody’s guess.

In any event, I have at least managed to tick the boxes on my New Year’s resolution list: a bit of work on the novel here, some research completed there and a few work-related emails pinged off to boot.  I even managed a bit of unexpected inspiration, when one of last night’s dreams turned out to be pretty promising … even several hours later after I’d woken fully and managed to jot the thing down properly.  What I’m trying to work out now is, if I’m doing the business of coming up with ideas while I’m asleep, does that entitle me to clock off early when I’m awake?


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