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Yes, happily for me the chap who is the centre of what I think is a one-man play keeps blethering on the moment I get in front of a keyboard.  In fact he’s doing so well that I can already map out a path to the end of the first draft.  I’ll even put a fiver on my being able to rest my typing fingers some time on Friday … before having to put them into action again on the first redraft.

Anyway, the result is I’m feeling rather typed out, so blog-wise this will have to do for today.  À bientôt.


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So, on Thursday I blogged about the problem of having too many ideas.  Then, that night as I lay in bed, a character started talking to me.  Now this character, or somebody like him, had been wandering around in my mind for a while,  in fact I mentioned him here, but this time he was very insistent.  I started to hear more and more snatches of his address to an audience of (ironically enough) would-be writers.  Eventually, much to my other half’s chagrin, I dragged myself out of bed at oh-my-God o’clock and schlepped up to the computer.   Since then I’ve been spending my time producing … something.  I think it’s probably a play.  It certainly looks vaguely like one.  It might even be a reasonably presentable play.  At present I’ve no idea whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.  What I do know is that I need to write it and I’m enjoying writing it.  I’ll get back to you on how it turns out in the end.

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So, what are the projects that I need to get out of the way this year?

Well, first up come the items with deadlines.  Whatever anyone else may try to tell you, deadlines are wonderful things.  Deadlines mean you have to get the work done by a certain time.  Usually, the existence of a deadline also implies that you are being paid to get the work done by a certain time.   Together, these factors usually mean that the work will get done.  In my case, unfortunately, only one deadline is for work that I’m going to be paid for, in this case writing a promo sketch for a new web TV site.  It’s an interesting brief: I have one actor, one camera and one location (London’s South Bank) with which to suggest a vast internet news-gathering organisation with bases all over the globe.  Hmm.

The other deadline work is coming up with some comedy sketches for a children’s TV show.  Given that the show’s premise is very similar to one I’ve been trying to pitch for years, this should make things easily.  Unfortunately, given that I’ve been pitching the show for years, pretty much every relevant party has already seen the sketches I was planning for it … which means I’ll have to come up with a brand new set for this new show, preferably not stealing any of my old ideas at all.  Given that stealing one’s old ideas is so often a writer’s first temptation, this makes things a bit more challenging than usual.

Both the above have deadlines falling early next week and the kids’ show will need a bit of research before writing.  So will I be putting my other ideas on the back burner?  Let’s see.

And what are these other ideas?  Well, there being no copyright in an idea I’m not going to give anything away about their content but their forms are:

a) A children’s fantasy novel

b) A play

c) A sitcom

d) An idea for an internet drama

Of these (a) and (d) are probably the priorities.  In fact I’m resolving right now that I will produce something, anything on idea (a) every working day.  I hope you’ll hold me to it.

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