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If ever GlaxoSmithKline need someone to endorse Night Nurse, I am happy to put myself first in the queue.  Obviously, they might want somebody famous to do the job but if their ad execs should ever, for any reason (probably a massive coke intake),  decide that what they need to flog their magical green liquid is an impoverished hack with a string of minor writing credits to his name then I am their man.  I feel much better today and it’s all thanks to GSKs wonder drug … and doubtless the fact that any cold has got to start winding down some time.

Now back to the deadlines thing.  As I mentioned before, deadlines are usually great.  They allow the writer to plan things out,  they keep directors/producers off your back until they arrive and they give you that extra bit of motivation you need to actually put pen to paper/finger to keyboard instead of deciding that, all in all, you’d be better off cleaning out the guttering or wallpapering every room in the house.  They only become a problem if (a) you’re the kind of writer who never does anything until the last minute (which, as most writers will tell you, comes at least three days after the deadline has expired) or (b) if something is dropped on you that throws all your careful timetabling out of order.  Luckily for me I’m not an (a)-type writer – I like to leave myself plenty of space between finishing the work and time running out.  Not so luckily for me I am now in a (b)-type situation: having used up some of that spare time I’d allowed on being ill and cursing Bill Gates for Vista’s latest merely quasi-functional update, I’ve now been told that all my work on Wednesday may have to be thrown away as the guy behind the internet project I’m working on wants to “discuss some ideas” early next week.  Having dealt with this man before, I dread to think what the ideas will be, although I will lay a fiver on them involving young, blonde women with improbable breasts in near-invisible clothing.  Every so often one gets that painful reminder that most of what one does doesn’t exactly qualify as art.  I expect next week’s meeting to be one of those reminders.


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… temperature of 102, precious little sleep, huge pile of snotty tissues building up on desk.  Plus phone-call from opticians to say they may have cocked up my prescription.  Plus the automatic updates for Vista left my computer “configuring updates” for over 3 hours this morning.  Still managed to get a few sketches done plus more character notes for the novel.  Feeling very proud … and in desperate need of Night Nurse/other knock-out drops.

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